Information about the proposal / exposé


1. A clear definition of the research question and a precise definition of the research design (hypotheses, experimental design, operationalisation of the variables, sample, intended designs for statistical analyses) should be verbalised.

2.  Agreement between the student and the supervisor about the content and the aim of the research work.


* Take the structure of a scientific paper (without results and discussion)


* Working title, personal information, ...


* Again, take the structure of a scientific paper (incl. keywords)

Theoretical part

* Introduction into the topic

* Present previous and recent findings and experiments in the chosen topic, as well as the deduced ideas and questions for the own study

* Embed your own question in previous findings and conclusions

* Point out the innovative and new aspects of your investigation

Empirical part

* Hypotheses: Give a differentiated formulation of the hypotheses and include specified predictions about expected conditions (for example "we are expecting a more positive deflection in condition 1 than in condition 2 for the P3's amplitude)

* Experimental design: Specify the operationalization of the question and variables and justify the chosen design

* Sample: Describe your sample (number of subjects, description of subjects), as well as the selection of the subjects

* Analyses: Present the intended statistical analyses


* Give an overview of the basic literature


* Chronological overview of the single steps (specify when you plan to complete which single step of the research)

* Pronounce the time frame you plan to work in the labs

* Name the expected date you want to finish the work

* Present the timetable like in project-management-charts  (see example)