How do we understand others?

What are the neural bases of our emotions?

How is our social behavior shaped by the brain?


These are just some of the questions the SCAN unit has been investigating since its formation in 2010. We are a group of international researchers who combine psychological theory with cutting edge neuroscientific methodology to study the biological basis of human's social and emotional life.

Our special research focus lies on the neuroscience of empathy. We have made and continue to make essential contributions to our understanding of how people share the feelings of others and take their point of view. This research enterprise is complemented by research activities in the fields of decision making, moral behavior, and mental health.

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Riečanský, Lengersdorff, Pfabigan, Lamm

New paper: Increasing self-other bodily overlap increases sensorimotor resonance to others’ pain



"Empathy is also a matter of reason"

Claus Lamm in the newspaper "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten" because of his attendance at the "Biologicum Almtal 2018"

 Fakultäts News


Ernennung von Brigitte Lueger-Schuster und Germain Weber.


Lamm, Rütgen, Wagner

""New" review paper in Neurosci Lett. (published online 2017) now assigned issue and page number. That letter was in the mail for quite some time ;-)"


Empathy and the discussion about refugees

Claus Lamm was interviewed about empathy, the current fate of the boys in a Thai cave and the fate of refugees


Toller Auftakt - mehr als 200 Gäste im Kleinen Festsaal der Universität Wien.


Lamm et al.

New paper: The Other and Me: Effects of oxytocin on self-other distinction.


Empathy and working atmosphere

Claus Lamm was interviewed for the magazine "In Arbeit"


Klimastreik für eine mutige Klimapolitik - auch in Wien.