How do we understand others?

What are the neural bases of our emotions?

How is our social behavior shaped by the brain?


These are just some of the questions the SCAN unit has been investigating since its formation in 2010. We are a group of international researchers who combine psychological theory with cutting edge neuroscientific methodology to study the biological basis of human's social and emotional life.

Our special research focus lies on the neuroscience of empathy. We have made and continue to make essential contributions to our understanding of how people share the feelings of others and take their point of view. This research enterprise is complemented by research activities in the fields of decision making, moral behavior, and mental health.

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Meta-analysis featuring members of the lab

"Meta-analysis of neural systems underlying placebo analgesia from individual participant fMRI data" published in Nature Communications



Wenn wir interagieren, schwingen unsere Gehirne im Gleichtakt

Im täglichen Miteinander müssen Menschen sich immer wieder aufeinander einstellen. Dabei entstehen mitunter die gleichen Hirnaktivitäten. Was das zu...

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Christiane Spiel in der Finalrunde der Wahl. Voting läuft bis 21. April.


Bank Austria Research Award 2021

Congratulations to Lisa Anna Rosenberger and Jürgen Goller!


Wie sich Opiate auf unsere Empathiefähigkeit auswirken

Claus Lamm und Markus Rütgen untersuchen im Rahmen eines FWF-Projekts am Vienna Cognitive Science Hub die neuronalen Grundlagen der Empathie und...


Unsere Fakultät hat in diesem Jahr beim BA-Preis abgeräumt.


Awards for lab members (SfN Global Connectome)

Congratulations to Alexandrina Guran and Lei Zhang!


Coming together in the face of a threat

Commentary in Austrian daily newspaper by lab head Claus Lamm on connections between Covid-19 and climate catastrophe


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