Representative publications

Rütgen, M., Seidel, E.M., Silani, G., Riecansky, I., Hummer, A., Windischberger, C., Petrovic, P., & Lamm, C. (2015). Placebo analgesia and its opioidergic regulation suggest that empathy for pain is grounded in self pain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 112(41),E5638-E5646.

Adriaense, J. E. C., Martin, J., Schiestl, M., Lamm, C., & Bugnyar, T. (2019). Negative emotional contagion and cognitive bias in common ravens (Corvus corax) . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(23), 11547-11552.

Botvinik-Nezer, R., Holzmeister, F., Camerer, C. F., Dreber, A., Huber, J., ... Lamm, C., ... Schonberg, T. (2020). Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams. Nature, 582, 84-88.

Silani*, G., Lamm*, C., Ruff, C.C., & Singer, T. (2013). Right supramarginal gyrus is crucial to overcome emotional egocentricity bias in social judgments. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(39), 15466-15476.

Lengersdorff, L. L., Wagner, I., Lockwood, P. L., & Lamm, C. (2020). When implicit prosociality trumps selfishness: The neural valuation system underpins more optimal choices when learning to avoid harm to others than to oneself. Journal of Neuroscience, 40(38), 7286-7299.

Hartmann, H., Forbes, P., Rütgen, M., & Lamm, C. (2022). Placebo analgesia reduces costly prosocial helping to lower another’s pain. Psychological Science, 33(11), 1867-1881.

Sladky, R., Kargl, D., Haubensak, W., & Lamm, C. (2024). An active inference perspective for the amygdala complex. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 28(3), 223-236.

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Wagner, I. C., Graichen, L. P., Todorova, B., Lüttig, A., Omer, D. B., Stangl, M. & Lamm, C. (2023). Entorhinal grid-like codes and time-locked network dynamics track others navigating through space. Nature Communications, 14.

Lamm, C., Decety, J., & Singer, T. (2011). Meta-analytic evidence for common and distinct neural networks associated with directly experienced pain and empathy for pain. NeuroImage, 54(3), 2492-502.

* authors contributed equally 

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