Lamm, Rütgen, Wagner


""New" review paper in Neurosci Lett. (published online 2017) now assigned issue and page number. That letter was in the mail for quite some time ;-)"

Lamm, C., Rütgen, M., Wagner, I. C. (2019). Neuroscience Letters, 693: 49-53.


Empathy is a multi-faceted construct with important implications for social behavior. Based on a selective review of the neuroscientific evidence collected in humans, the present paper discusses the neural representations underlying affect sharing, its relation to mentalizing, the importance of self-other distinction, the distinction between empathy, sympathy and compassion, and how these phenomena are linked to prosocial behavior. Apart from reviewing the literature, we also highlight open questions and how they might be addressed by a research approach that tries to integrate across these diverse constructs.