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Fairness norm violations in anti-social psychopathic offenders in a repeated trust game

In this study, our colleagues investigated whether the personal/affective dimension of psychopathy (Factor 1) is associated with fairness norm violations during a repeated trust game, and whether these offenders prefer to maximise their own profit because of increased reward sensitivity. Offenders indeed violated fairness norms more frequently and were more likely to make self-advantageous decisions.

However, these findings were not positively associated with Factor 1, but rather with Factor 2 scores in the offenders. Factor 2 comprises the lifestyle (impulsive and irresponsible behaviour) and anti-social dimension of the PCL-R (questionnaire for measuring psychopathic tendencies).

The results of the study widen our understanding of social decision-making in psychopathy. They also suggest treatment possibilities in offenders scoring high on Factor 2, targeting empathic concern and related prosocial intentions to overcome norm-violating behaviour.

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